R.E.G Recording Artist B.A.M Supports Gun & Gang Violence Prevention With The Hit Song “Pretty Girls

Recently we caught up with one of Atlanta’s rising stars, recording artist B.A.M, who was humble enough to give us a peek into his past, present and what he has poppin’ for the future.  We know the game of music is all about making money, but being socially responsible can go a long way toward creating a buzz around your career and B.A.M is truly committed to the social, political and economic empowerment of those living in poor and disadvantaged communities.


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Bam_1Q—Where were you born, raised and now reside?

AI was born and raised in Monroe, LA and I now reside in Atlanta, GA.


Q—How did you get started in the music industry?

AI got started in the music industry just by being a student listening and observing.  I was living in a trailer behind my grandparents’ house where I had a small homemade studio set up in the house where I would secretly record music.  One day my cousin Zackrey Ceasar (Entertainer & CEO of Revolutionary Entertainment Group, LLC), who was a well-respected person in the community, walked in on one of my recording sessions and was impressed with what he heard.  Since then he has been working with me and has provided me with the chance to record with major producers like Lex Spratling & Dramma Boy.  I have performed at venues nationwide and I am now signed to Zack’s record label REG Records.  

Q—What artists inspired you to take your dream to the next level?

AThe artists who inspire me the most vary, but if I had to choose my top 5 it would be: Andre 3000; Eminem; Jay-Z; Lil’ Wayne and Tupac, in no particular order.

Q—Who do you like toady?

Bam_&_TAThe artists I like today are: Macklemore; B.O.B; Kendrick Lamar; MGK and the list goes on.  But I also have a few upcoming R&B artists that I have my eye on like Michael Knowles, Justin “Noel” Brown, Ms. Tershia Longman, and many artists from KA’LAB WORLD ENTERTAINMENT (Travis Dopson, Courtney Holloway, Michael Burr, Corey King, Bambino, Wet G, Slade G, Tre-B, Lil’ Hot, Bo, Nuke, Takeela Barron, Jap, Hez, and Don Evans) & Monroe Slimme/TWT Entertainment so be on the lookout for them doing music with me as well.

Q—We know you are very talented but can you tell us about the struggles of being an Artist?

ATo me, I know this may sound weird, but the struggle is the best part.  The hard part is staying relevant as an artist.  So I do things like reading books to open my mind to new ideas from publishers like Ms. Sarah Whitaker & Dan Brown.  Knowledge is power.


B.A.M and the KWE Crew

Q—What are your goals in the entertainment industry and in your personal life?

AMy goal is to be one of the greatest in music, and in my personal life I just want to be successful and show others how to be successful as well.

Q—We heard you are working on a hot new album can you tell us about it?

AThe album is called “Before & After Music.”  Basically this album is a story between two people, DeTimmeyon, which is the before part, and B.A.M the after part.  As these two battle each other they both come together as one to create music. That's how I came up with Before & After Music.  But my newest mixtape “The Throne” will be dropping this summer so be on the lookout.


B.A.M and MK

Q—Are you working on any projects that address the social needs of the community?

A--I am working with Family Affair and many others for an Easter egg hunt with the kids at an exclusive location.  We are also doing our annual “Feed the Homeless Program” to give back to the communities that are less fortunate.

Q—Tell us about the hot song “Pretty Girls,” which you submitted for the Hip-Hop 4 Peace & Prosperity Benefit CD/DVD Album, which is part of the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence initiative?

A—“Pretty Girls” is basically for all the women who feel that they need make-up to define their beauty.  The message in the song is that no matter how you look you are always beautiful.

Q—How hard is it to make it in the game today?

AAs I stated before, staying relevant in the game is the hardest part.  However, I believe to be successful it takes dedication and hard work.  I believe my music has a message behind it that speaks to a variety of people.  I am not limited to one genre.  Those things in itself will make people want to know about me, my music and all they encompass.

Bam_3Q—Do you have any advice for those looking to land a deal in the music industry?

AJust be yourself do not let anyone change you.  Always stay humble, learn how to take criticism, as well as compliments.  Most importantly be true to yourself, even if you do not make it.  At least you will still have your soul.  Be open minded to new ideas at all times and take advantage of opportunities that are given to you.

Q—How does someone get in touch with you if they want to know more about you, your company or your many projects?

AI can be reached at www.regllc.net, Bam_Reg on Twitter & Instagram, and on Facebook at BamReg.


For additional info on B.A.M or the 2014 3rd annual Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Week Campaign & Tour (May 16-22, 2014), which kicks off the launch of 105 Power events over 105 Power days, hit us up at: RandykFisher@gmail.com.

Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC).