There is definitely somewhere for everyone to fit in. If you like dancing, become a dancer. If you enjoy showing off your face, become a model. And if you have a small proud penis, participate in Bk’s Smallest Penis Pageant. o-SMALLEST-PENIS-570

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Yes. You read right. Event planners described the hilarious event as, ” a pageant for confident people with a sense of humor”. Humor is definitely a huge factor, and perhaps the biggest in this quest to find the most proud not so well endowed man of Brooklyn.

The invite read, “Don’t miss the action this year as the 2013 runner-up, Mr. Rip Van Dinkle, returns to try to claim the wee crown and scepter.Our expert judges will take every little thing into account, including the contestants’ poise in both evening wear and bathing wear, talent, personality, and how well they represent the ideal of a man with a small dong. This day is about celebrating the fun-sized guys. Well-hung men shouldn’t even think about crashing, they will be ejected from the pageant and humiliated!” .


The event will take place June 14th with admission priced at $5. The winner will receive a cash prize and loads of embarrassment. And if any of you would like to participate email for details!



via The Gothamist

lauren poe (@lo4o4_)