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Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait to start improving the world.” Broccoli City, the sponsor of Broccoli Festival 2014, embodies this profound quote through green sustainable strategies because what better way of improving the world than caring for the earth. From the DMV to Los Angeles, Broccoli City Festival is spreading the flower power, making everyday Earth Day through positive venues and social media. The two-day festival will consist of free yoga and zumba, as well as being a mecca of hip-hop performances, sustainable ways of improving the world, pop-up shops and more! Here are some of the essentials in concert fashion to consider for the Broccoli Festival: All the products and clothes are sweatshop free and haven’t been tested on animals. It’s spring and the season of concert fashion. Here are the essential to wear for the Broccoli Festival that are both full of pretty girls swag and all natural to. Enjoy the hipstress guide of fashion for the most all-green everything festival–hence the name “Broccoli” Festival 2014.

1. 8369pk_kesheye
KESH X American Apparel cotton spandex crop top featuring a evil eye nazar will ensure your protection from negative vibes while looking maude.


2. condition-and-sculpt

This product is all natural and manages to keep the bounce in your hair while combating frizz which is essential for spring/summer. It’s an essential for the curly hair Broccoli Festival hipstress. As a curly hair girl myself, Jane Carter products work wonders and have no added chemicals which is always a plus when attending a earth day festival.

3. 5021589

There will be more then enough drinks at Broccoli Festival to keep you hydrated but when your face needs a spritz this Evain spray will keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

4. PersonalizedNameHoops

These Honey B Gold “all gold everything” hoop earrings add extra bling to any outfit

5. us.can_motreatment_320x304_2.14

Argan oil is a essential for your tote while attending Broccoli Festival or any spring/summertime concert/festival. It adds extra shine and protects hair from environmental damage.

-Michele Amira (@nicejewishswag)