Jason Derulo Throws Talk Dirty Album Listening Party

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photo(1)Last night at NYC’s Up & Down Lounge–with vodka & tequila drinks curated by Red Bull, much love to them–Jason Derulo let fans and more come out to take a first listen of his third album, Talk Dirty. Jason was more than entertaining when it came to playing each track on the album. The greatest part of it all was to see Jason “turn up” to his music and dance the whole night.

The album consists of features from 2 Chainz with Jason’s number 1 single out, “Talk Dirty,” Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Kid Ink and more! But nothing compares to the ballad that he has with his girlfriend Jordin Sparks entitled “Vertigo.”


When asked about the making of his third album, Jason told us at The Source that this album took longer for various reasons. He has been sitting on plenty of songs, plenty of sounds and artistry that he is now ready for the world to hear a different side of him. He did and did not at the same time expect his single “Talk Dirty” to go as far as it did. But nonetheless, Jason is excited for the album to release.

As a joke, we asked Jason if Jordin ever “talks dirty to him” and he told us without hesitation, “YES, All the time!” It is what makes their relationship spark the most!!

Consisting of 11 songs on the album, each song has a deep feel and meaning behind the lyrics. This is in fact an album that everyone should purchase! Talk Dirty will be in stores this coming Tuesday, April 15th. Find it in stores near you!

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