It’s no surprise to us that our current Unsigned Hype is doing more with her music than just giving out hot #BARS. Honey The Hippie, who built her reputation as a freestyle queen by re-appropriating every and any popular Hip-Hop beat she could get her hands on, is making the successful transition to original, recorded music. One of the first looks at what that sounds and feels like is with her video below for “Faded.”

The track may hit home for a lot of people out there who may not admit it. Honey addresses how a girl can subconsciously do things just to fit in but eventually it wears on her to the point of no return. The video shows two different girls, showing the universality of the track. I take the song to apply to all genders, ages, and races. We all still have work to do if the world we live in has one standard of beauty that people think they need to fit into. And we salute Honey The Hippie for doing her part.

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Directed by: Noel Wiggins

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)