Talib KweliLord Jamar’s words to Vladtv have caused a number of controversy, especially his comment that “white people are guests in the house of hip hop”. While other artists have taken the time out to share their opinion and even Lord Jamar responded to some of his critics in another video, the emotion surrounding this belief have not waned in the slightest. In one of  his latest installments of interviews, DJ Vlad brings up the topic to his guest speaker, Talib Kweli. Easily on of the most outspoken political and social commentators in the, his perspective was welcomed and perhaps necessary.

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While on tour with Macklemore, the man behind the entire ordeal, Kweli had a chance to speak him about Lord Jamar’s comments. He states that he partially agreed with the Seattle emcee, specifically with the way he handled it; although he does find some grains of truth in the original statement. Kweli is still a proponent of opening hip hop in a more democratic manner, but states that there is an underlying problem with some “white-washing”. You can watch the full video below.


Jimi (@Nativejimi)