Did you miss Basketball Wives LA? Here is the recap!

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basketball-wives-laLast week ended in a huge argument between Jackie, Draya, and Chantel but the drama is far from over!

Tonight’s episode begins with Draya explaining to Malaysia what happened with the “pop up” from last week. Draya tells Malaysia she pretty much has wiped her hands of Jackie and no longer considers her a friend. As a good friend, Malaysia too begins to question a few of Jackie’s behaviors and motives.


As the group, Jackie, Brandi, Malaysia, Sundy, and Brittish arrive to Paris, Draya’s absence is immediately addressed. As some may agree with Malaysia and Brandi, Jackie seemed to be acting as if she has no idea as to why Draya opted out of going to Paris. When in the hotel Malaysia addresses the situation in which Jackie seems to still be playing “dumb”. Aggravated, Malaysia pretty much walked away with Brandi from the conversation. Sundy decides to remove Jackie from the Malaysia and Brandi which cases the trip to be divided.

As the show goes on, we see some soft and beautiful places and images of Paris and all it has to offer. Then Sundy takes Brittish and Jackie to a place where they can learn art, but surprisingly end up sketching a man posing nude! We witness Malaysia and Brandi share a best friend moment. But later is when it gets real…again!

At dinner, Malaysia and Jackie talk about the tension between the two which led Jackie to ask an insane question, “Malaysia are you intimidated by me as a woman?” Of course, this question made Malaysia and Brandi laugh which led to Brandi and Jackie finally hashing out their tension as well. Brandi tells Jackie she feels that all the drama has resulted in her being an instigator. The argument gets extremely heated which resulted in Malaysia finally ending her friendship with Jackie. But before she does, she tells Brittish and Sundy what she was informed by Jackie beforehand and tells Jackie she finally sees Jackie for who she really is.

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Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)