artworks-000076630596-mjuo8x-crop30 Days of Guice, #Day15.

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Wil Guice is nice! In the past two weeks he’s released more music than anyone in the game and has managed to maintain an impressive sonic quality in each recording. He’s now reached the midway point of his self-appointed assignment appropriately known as 30 Days of Guice where his goal is to release a brand new song every day for the entire month of April.

Last week we recapped the completion of the first seven days and here we’ll give you another chance to catch up on the all of the songs that this ambitious R&B artist has wrapped up to date. One notable tune from week two’s submission pool is a deep-felt ode entitled “Worthy” where Guice shamefully deems himself undeserving of that special lady. The melodious, string-laden track is produced by WMS The Sultan, the Bostonian beatmaker who’s also responsible for Guice’s breakout single “Smoke & Sex” as well as today’s new joint “Open 24 Hrs.” Listen to all 15 songs here and stay tuned for the rest, you won’t be disappointed.


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