Around estelle, Make Her Say, Beat It Up, Chris Robinson, sexythis time last month, we presented you with a provocative new single from an R&B goddess known as Estelle entitled Make Her Say (Beat It Up). Well, she’s returned with it’s accompanying visuals for the single and I must say, it’s great. The video has several different couples, all shapes, sizes and colors, sharing passion between them. It’s a powerful visual that speaks loudly.

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Directed by Chris Robinson, Estelle strips down herself in the video as well, being the flawless beauty that she is, and gives us a taste of her wild side. It’s definitely different than what were used to from her past releases, but different in a good way. A great way. Estelle, the total package, is so fly, so beautiful and so captivating. Really happy to see her going outside her normal comfort zones and letting loose. She has the ability to be both quiet and seductive at the same time and Make Her Say (Beat It Up) is a testimony to that fact. Watch, below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM