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Colorado. Named after the, “Rio Colorado,” which derives from the Hispanic term, “rusty,” or “reddish,” due to its appearance. The land of disappointing sports teams (comparatively), tree-hugging, granola-munching hipsters, purple mountain majesties and furthermore, legal purple kush.

Still the development stage of the previously illegal substance, Colorado continues to make landmark breakthroughs regarding their new “highly” profitable income: marijuana.


Whenever celebrities take a stop in Colorado, they pause to upload Instagram pictures of visits to grow locations. Whenever at a festivity or concert in the Denver-Metro area, one of the first mentionables from the artists is, “man, you guys like your weed here,” followed by a hearty roar from the crowd.

A now legal substance that can be found openly being smoked/consumed on college campuses throughout the state, now the industry begins to adapt, via, “marijuana vending machines.”

Previously the only items that spawned from the depths of a vending machine would be a bag of potato chips or perhaps a soft drink, but that was so 2013. Now? Marijuana, the infamous, “pot brownie,” amongst other brand name edibles can be purchased through inserting bills into these machines.

However, despite its legal state, an age requirement of 21 just like its alcoholic cousin is still required, so use of a swipe of driver’s license is required to gain access to these delectable edibles. Sorry kids.

Marijuana vending machines. Who woulda’ thought? What’s next? Sports vendors walking up and down the stands of Coors Field in Denver chanting, “O.G. Kush! Get your O.G. Kush here!” or maybe marijuana being a side dish menu option at McDonald’s, with a side of medicinal brownies being a nice dessert piece after the consumption of the #1 combo.

Who knows, but the Mile High City is on to something.

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)