BMI 2014 Super Producers Beat SummitA little friendly competition never hurt.

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Hosted by Rude Jude, hip-hop lovers from the NOLA to the A gathered at Terminal West for the BMI and Flight School Beat Summit.

Last night (April 16), New Orleans super producers Mannie Fresh and KLC took on a beat battle against legendary Atlanta producer DJ Toomp.


The Beat Summit brought out some of the hottest names in Atlanta including T.I. and Pastor Troy, who both gave impromptu performances.

Bobby V, DJ Holiday and Princess of Crime Mob also made appearances.

Prior to the beat face off, Mannie Fresh and KLC spoke on their longevity in the game.

“It’s all about good music,” Mannie said. “Good music and educating the youth, coming out to events like this. The youth doesn’t value music anymore. They’re willing to give it away for free.”

Mannie and KLC both agree that branding and making sure business is run properly are essential to maintaining permanence in the music industry.

“There aren’t any budgets,” the former Cash Money producer explained. “That’s why I don’t do it anymore.”

Heavily influenced by Mantronix, the renowned New Orleans beat makers take pride in their originality and would like to see more creativity in today’s music.

“Originality is key,” KLC, who has produced records for No Limit said. “Don’t wait for the next person to come up with something and copy it. Do it yourself and set yourself up as a brand so that when people hear your music they can automatically say ‘oh yeah, that’s such and such.’”

And just in case Mannie has influenced your work, he has one word of advice: “Come to the source.”

-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)
Photo Credit: BMI