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Heroin has caused more deaths than violent crime and car accidents, according to an article published in the USAToay. In 2012, there were 730 drug overdoes–half of those were caused by heroin and prescription opiates.

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In some cities, the deadly drug can be purchased for a little as $4 a bag. It’s becoming a problem in big and small cities.

“The consciousness of the nation has not really focused on the problem,” Attorney General Eric Holder said in front of  more than 200 officials at a Police Executive Research Forum.


“People saw this more as a state and local problem. This is truly a national problem. Standing by itself, the heroin problem is worthy of our national attention,” Holder said.

Less than a month ago, Holder encouraged police and emergency responders to carry the drug Naloxone, more commonly known as Narcan, which supposedly prevents overdoes. FBI Director James Comey also urged rescuers to carry Narcan.

“Every place I’ve visited, I’ve heard about heroin,” Comey told the group, referring to recent visits to 25 FBI field divisions during his first seven months on the job. “It’s an everywhere, everyplace kind of thing. A place we have to make a tackle is on this problem.’

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