article-2607352-1D2B519300000578-802_634x322The dark world wide web is nothing new. What’s  new is the search engine “GRAMS” which allows a person to search the internet for illegal items. As tempting as it sounds its just as easy. Download the Tor browser, enter grams7enufi7jmdl.onion in the google like site then search all the illegalness your heart desires. The site launched last week after the creator was motivated by forums wondering how they can find certain products. The browser is anonymous of course along with the creator, Mr. Gramsadmin.

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This truly is going to be a scammers bible. Grams will show results for stolen credit card numbers, guns, drugs, counterfeit cash and fake IDs. Programmers are wanted of course but who can be trustworthy and remained “hush” with a website so devious? It’s a risk for the creators and users if the FBI gets involved.

Tiy Hampton, @_tiy_