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South Bronx native and super music producer/philanthropist/entrepreneur/ and innovator Kasseem ‘Swizz Beatz’ Dean unveiled and donated a piece of his art yesterday called ‘Victory’ to the residents and staff of HHC Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility. Serving as NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation’s Global Ambassador, Swizz met with fellow philanthropist Henry J. Carter and spent time visiting with residents to hear many of their inspirational stories.

The hospital held a private brunch attended by a room full of movers and shakers including Dr. Ramanathan Raju, HHC President and CEO, Henry J. Carter, Robert K. Hughes, the facility’s Executive Director, Stanlee Richards, the facility’s Director of Nursing, Joe Schick, Executive Director of the fund for HHC, LaRay Brown, HHC Senior Vice President for Intergovernmental Relations, Strategic Planning and community relations, L. Londell McMillan ESQ, North Star Group owner and co-head of Dewey and LeBoeuf, Floyd Long, Chief Operating Officer, William Jones Sr, and Margaret Rivers both Assoc. Ex. Directors. Following the brunch, Swizz stated, “Victory is a powerful statement representing the personal struggle to triumph over the challenges of profound physical disability.”


The Fund for HHC, the philanthropic arm of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, named Mr. Dean HHC’s Global Ambassador in 2012. Mr. Dean supports HHC’s mission to provide quality healthcare for all New Yorkers, and advocates for the importance of art as a key part of the therapeutic and healing process. Since being named HHC’s Global Ambassador, Mr. Dean has celebrated the opening of Harlem Hospital Center’s Mural Pavilion and visited with patients and staff at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn to learn more about healthcare services provided to the community.

“HHC promotes the use of art throughout its facilities to help enhance our patient’s wellbeing, healthcare, and rehabilitation,” said HHC President Dr. Ram Raju. “Mr. Dean understands the healing power that art can provide in the healthcare setting.”

“We are grateful to Swizz Beatz for the support and creativity he brings to HHC through his philanthropy, his advocacy, and his artistic contributions,” said Joe Schick, Executive Director of The Fund for HHC. “Victory will have a positive impact on the residents and staff of Henry J. Carter, and will be a source of inspiration for all who see it.”

The caught up with Swizz who shared many inspirational jewels which can be viewed here on The Source TV.

Our favorite quote of the day came from Swizz when we asked him, “How can someone striving to get past their despair reach through to achieve their victory?”

“I think accepting positive energy is the first step. Setting goals is another step. Investing into yourself–that’s another step, I mean spiritually, mentally, and physically. You have to invest into yourself to have the outcome be what you want. But if you’re sitting on the sidelines watching what everybody else is doing, judging from the sidelines– then you never really have time to know yourself, so then that becomes miserable for you. So I tell everybody, focus on being a better you, then go for your victory… whatever that is. Again, the sky is not the limit, it’s just the view.”

Scroll down below to view photos from the unveiling of ‘Victory’!

Interview by @CourtneyBrown
Photography by Naj Wareham

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Courtney & Swizz

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