Brooklyn-Nets-beat-raptors-300x150The Toronto Raptors hosted the Brooklyn Nets to start the first round of the NBA playoffs today. Despite controlling the game through most of the first half, the Raptors fell to the Nets in the 4th quarter. Nets veteran, Paul Pierce, blew up in the last quarter and scored 9 straight points to solidify the Nets’ win on the road. With help from Deron Williams‘ 24 points the Nets took the series lead on the road in game 1.

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There are many excuses for Toronto to blame for this loss. The shot clocks quit working mid-game, they lack playoff experience or they couldn’t stop Joe Johnson just to name a few. The crowd at Air Canada Centre in Toronto was going crazy all day, however when the chips started to fall the crowd quickly drew quiet. The Brooklyn Nets twitter account took notice by saying:



Don’t count the Raptors out just yet, the young squad will only get better with more experience. Not to mention, they have all the support in the world from October’s Very Own, Drizzy Drake. Earlier this week Drake narrated the advertisement for Toronto’s playoff series, check out the video below. Be sure to tune into Game 2 this coming Tuesday at 9:30 on TNT.