The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsDuring an interview at the Raptors’ game today, Drake took a moment to make note  of Jay’s whereabouts. While speaking with the TSN commentators, they asked him how he felt about the Raptors’ first playoffs game since 2008 and Drake said this:

 “It’s a red-hot revival in here tonight. It’s the uprising, man. KG [Kevin Garnett] is frustrated, the young boys are out tonight […] this is the people’s team, the Toronto Raptors. Jay Z is somewhere eating a fondue plate.”

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Drake and Jay have been going back and forth ever since Drake mentioned Jay’s art references in an interview with Rolling Stone. Jay came back and dissed Drake over his “We Made It” track. Either way, we are not sure when and how this is going to end it but it is quite entertaining to see these two really go at each other over some art references. Check out the interview here.


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