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How much joy can an 8 second video bring? Well, if we use this Vine of a lama frolicking to DMX as a benchmark, then the answer is “an eternity’s worth”. It’s Friday, it’s beautiful out and this video crosses my way. What better way to initiate the start of a good weekend?

A lot of people may ask, why would you, The Source, post this? What’s it’s value? Well, my friend, I would reply back asking why you clicked to see it. The answer to both questions is: IT IS AWESOME. Point blank. Earl Simmons getting some llama treatment, how often do you hear that kind of sentence?


I bet you guys are still reading this post’s text, as if there’s anything more that needs to be said in describing a video of this nature. I all actuality, I am just writing to fill up space. I mean, there is a video here of a freaking llama – dancing – to DM freaking X. You can stop reading now. Ok, maybe just one more sentence.

It’s Dark and L Is Hot? No? Ok.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM