The NBA Playoffs begin today at 12:30 PM ET. Let’s take a look at each playoff match up and see who will face off in the NBA Finals.

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LeBron James, NBA, Finals, Playoffs, HeatIt’s been a crazy NBA season, but we are finally here. This is the most exciting time of the year on the sports calendar (next to the NCAA Tournament and the SuperBowl of course) as we get to see great players become legends. It doesn’t get more thrilling and intense than this as the 16 teams from the East and the West will battle for a World Championship.

The Indiana Pacers took the top spot in the East. They started the season strong but struggled throughout most of the regular season and seemed to have some chemistry issues. They still have their eyes set on finally taking down the Miami Heat and making an NBA Finals appearance.


The San Antonio Spurs are once again the best team in the West. They went on an impressive 19 game winning streak in March and solidified the top spot in the gauntlet known as the Western Conference. If they want a chance at redemption after their heart breaking defeat in last years NBA Finals, they will need to make it through one of the most challenging Western Conferences in NBA history.

Here we go. Take a look at who we have making it through each round and who will be crowned the NBA champions in June.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)