Eastern Conference Finals

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#2 Miami Heat defeat #1 Indiana Pacers 4-2


At this point in the playoffs, the Miami Heat will be in prime playoff form. The Pacers will be coming off of a grisly and tenacious 7 game series against the Chicago Bulls and will not be physically prepared for the Heat. The Heat split the series 2-2 against the Pacers this season but they still have the mental edge over Indiana.

The Pacers have done everything they said they would after losing to Miami in Game 7 in South Beach last year. They clinched the top seed and home court, but they will be mentally and physically spent by Game 4 of this series. The Miami Heat will advance to their fourth consecutive NBA Finals.

Western Conference Finals

Durant, Thunder, Raptors, Oklahoma City, Toronto

#2 Oklahoma City Thunder defeat #1 San Antonio Spurs 4-3

This series is going to go to seven games. The NBA MVP Kevin Durant will lead the way for OKC as they take down the San Antonio Spurs. Westbrook will do his part, but Game 7 will belong to Durant as the Spurs just won’t have an answer for him. This will likely be Tim Duncan’s final game unless he feels the urge to give it another shot. Look for Duncan and Parker to have monster series against the Thunder but it won’t be enough for the Spurs to take down the Dynamic Duo.