6. Kevin Love

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45 points, 19 rebounds and 6 assists

Clippers 120, Timberwolves 116


December 22, 2013

First of all. It is absolutely ridiculous that a 45, 19 and 6 game is only the 6th best performance of the NBA season. Trust me, it gets better from here.

Kevin Love continues to put up Wilt Chamberlain type numbers as he completely dominated the Clippers front line. Some people will never truly understand the effort and skill it takes to put up these types of numbers. He also had a 43 & 19 game, a 42 & 14 game, a 42 & 16 game, and a 43 & 11 performance this season. Yikes.

Bravo, Mr. Love. Keep up the legendary work and NBA fans can’t wait until you are on a great team and in the playoffs.