Slim Thug & Bun B Remix 3 Kings for Houston Rockets

Slim Thug & Bun B Remix 3 Kings for Houston Rockets

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Last night “3 Kings” made a comeback, all in honor of the Houston Rockets.

According to The Associated Press, general manager of the Rockets Daryl Morey asked rappers Slim Thug and UGK‘s Bun B  if they could make a remix to their 2005 release “3 Kings” for the Rockets, and they delivered within a day.


 Slim Thug and Bun B paid homage to their home team before their first round playoff game vrs. Portland last night.   The Mr. Lee produced song makes references to ” Hack-a Howard” and shouts out a few of the players, including Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, Jeremy Lin and Kevin McHale.

It even takes a short jab at Knicks fans, with Bun B rapping ” We going hard like Harden, and not Melo”

Slim Thug spoke with The Associated Press stating  ” Just wanted to support the team. Bun B gave me a call and said that the general manager liked the 3 Kings so we just got together real quick and made a remix for it just to show love for our team.”

The Houston Rockets will challenging the Trailblazers in their playoff matchup.