Did you miss the season finale of BBWLA tonight, here is the recap

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610x360After last weeks episode of Basketball Wives LA, Jackie is still hurt that Malaysia wishes to cut all ties with her. But life moves on right? Jackie is still in Paris because she has a job to do. Jackie brings Sundy and Brittish to her cognac tasting. While being presented her bottles, Jackie signs her name on them to seal the deal and make everything official. This brings Sundy to tears, who is proud to have been a part of the cognac.

Brittish receives this box from a mystery man in the hotel which includes an outfit, shoes, and a note to wear the outfit and meet the taxi later. Surprisingly, when Brittish arrives at the destination with Sundy and Jackie it is Orlando! He staged a mini preview of what their wedding would be like.


Later, Sundy convinces Malaysia to come to a continental breakfast to talk to Jackie to clear the air. Malaysia declines to talk about the situation with Jackie and leaves with Brandi. Pissed off, Sundy follows the two to stop them from leaving. This attempt fell short when Sundy and Brandi began to exchange negative words. This leads to Sundy commenting on Brandi’s life having difficulty having healthy children due to her ovarian cancer. Very, very low of Sundy to make a mockery of something Brandi can not control.

Brittish goes to talk to Malaysia and Brandi and slips up and tells Brandi what Sundy said about her cancer. Pissed off, Brandi goes to fight Sundy that ends up negatively. In the end, Paris still has not been fun for the girls AT ALL! And did Jackie tap dance on Malaysia’s heart? According to her, she did! Malaysia admits to Jackie that she did take her kindness for weakness that leaves Jackie in a few tears.

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