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Happy Hour on the go.

Yesterday the internet was once again in a frenzy, this time with news that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau have approved “Palcohol”. Palcohol is a new powdered alcohol product, that with the addition of water can turn water into vodka, rum and other alcoholic beverages. While similar products are already available in Asia and Europe, this would look to be the first product of this kind available in America. American-based company Lipsmark, the creators of Palcohol are looking to have the product on store shelves within coming months.

Today, however, news has released from the federal government claiming that Palcohol was not supposed to be approved in the first place. While the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau provided “label approvals” for the product on April 8th, it is said to have been done so erroneously and that they have now been “surrendered”. Lipsmark has since has released statements to press regarding the issue. “This doesn’t mean that Palcohol isn’t approved,” they claim. “It just means that these labels aren’t approved.We will re-submit labels.” Lipsmark cited that issues with with the accurate amount of powder in each bag of Palcohol seems to be the reason for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s rescind of the product’s approval.


Lipsmark will need to resubmit their labels to the bureau for approval in order for Palcohol to hit store shelves. Let’s just hope this works itself out.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)