ibn ibnIbn Inglor. A unique name, an even more refreshing sound. Aside from the Drill Music prevalent presence in Chicago, other developments coming from Chi-Town have been somewhat muffled behind its booming industry and always media attention topic due to its violent and deviant manner, popularized by Chief Keef and affiliates of the south side. Not awfully long ago Ibn blessed the Chicago scene with New Wave, a debut project of the projects, created in its entirety in his Altgeld Gardens project bedroom.

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Clearly unlike and anew to anything deriving from the new age “Chiraq Chicago”, the only thing comparable to Ibn’s field is Kanye West, as New Wave 2 falls in line with its elder New Wave of having electronic, highly sequenced production. It’s not trap production, it’s not drill, it’s Ibn.

The distanced, at times airy electronics supported with heavy beams from Ibn’s mesmerizing vocals, New Wave 2 is a promising post-New Wave project, providing hope for Ibn to be properly recognized and properly crowned for his creative ability. The quality doesn’t sound like a project bedroom iPhone recording, it’s a Kanye studio quality masterpiece without the hype of the media and without the effects and erode of the music industry.


Ibn is the unsigned hype. He perches atop his metaphorical throne which will undoubtedly one day become something of not just metaphorical absence. Ibn is the New Wave.

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)

Listen to the project and tell us what you think.