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Drake Lint

Drake being Drake, and giving those who despise him a wide open layup for criticism. Right now you’re probably thinking one of two things: “Why is this post relevant to anything?” and/or “This dude is a fool.”. Regardless of which one is your thought, I think we can all agree that Drake Stans will still find a way to defend him. Maybe he’s taking his role as “global ambassador” a little to seriously.



As the Toronto Raptors took on the Brooklyn Nets in Game 2, Drake casually pulls out a lint roller and just starts cleaning up his pants. Word? You’re just gonna keep screaming at the refs and, mid-yell, pull that bad boy out of your pocket? Where did you even get that, did you bring it? Too many thoughts are running through my head, one of which is why I care so much. In all honesty, I don’t really, but I am supremely curious of people who bring lint rollers outside of their houses and carry them around like it’s normal. Comedy at it’s finest.

To top it off, he, in typical Drake fashion, loved the criticism and posted a pic on Instagram after the game. “Lint rollers on deck.” I’m going to use my psychic abilities and assume that Hov will tackle this matter again for us, if he fires back again from Drake’s “fondue” Game 1 diss.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM