The showdown between Kelly and Chardonnay heats up
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Last week on the hit show, The Game Kelly is back to help Tasha with her Lamaze class at her house. Proving that they are just friends, Malik and Yana sleep with each other. Chardonnay starts planning for her wedding, where she enlisted Kierra as her maid of honor and Jason is not happy about her spending a lot of money for the wedding.

This week, Kelly surprises Tasha with a baby shower where everyone is there except for Tee Tee, who is having problems with his salmonella case. He was found guilty on the case, which cases him to lose it all. Still distracted from each other, Yana and Malik make love to each other that resulted in him shedding a tear.  Malik believes that he could be possibility be in love with her.


At the baby shower, Malik hands her his very first football that was given to him by Pookie that made her realize that her daughter is not going to have her father around. But her girls, Kierra, Kelly, and Chardonnay are there for her as they give her advice about raising her daughter. Blue is upset that Kierra is going to shoot a movie in Miami for six months and as they are arguing, she calls him her roommate. Kelly and Chardonnay finally talk about the situation that when they seen each other and invited her to the wedding. Just as she was getting ready for Chardonnay’s wedding, her water breaks and she starts looking for Malik wasn’t there but Tee Tee, who almost tried to committ suicide but was saved by Tasha.

Tune in next week of the season finale next Tuesday at 10 pm on BET

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