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Holy Karon, the unspoken, avoided king of the Baltimore underground. Perhaps avoided in discussion due to demonic prominent references in his lyricism and ego, perhaps his music video’s of climbing on gravestones like monkey bars at the playground, or perhaps, for lack of better words, his fearful methodology. Thriving in an area least discussed but often most deviant, Holy Karon resides in the city of Baltimore, on a block that The Wire was filmed on. Karon disclosed to me how people see no way out where he’s from, which alludes to any work being put to vein. He discusses how, “there’s not a lot to do here but die”, in a land of no opportunity. Ironic. But how could one not be discouraged in a city where the people drop like flies? With the passing of his brother via gunshot not long ago (R.I.P. Rell), Karon is a first-hand, yellow tape example.

“I need no orange apparel, where we go is death row.” – Holy Karon, “Murderous Tendencies”


With lyrics bullet riddled with hatred, dismay, apparent anger, and great lyricism, Karon is a rarity birthing from a city of significant poverty and distress, where not many voices are heard. In drug-infested, crime ridden communities, voices often get muffled, muzzled, or even silenced before story could be told, but Karon continues to work, despite an awfully discourading setting.

Karon represents death, suffering, violence, Baltimore, deviance, but most of all, promise.

Listen to and watch the visuals for his track, “Life’s Grim” below, that encompasses his highly opinionated rap style as a whole, and embodies what Karon is all about.

“If God’s real, he needs to beg me for forgiveness.”

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)

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