Girl groups come a dime a dozen and Atlanta has pretty much saturated the music scene but one trio of bold and fearless young women is willing to take the industry by storm. 

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With the help of ATL based hit man Verse Simmonds, Sincerely XO, is ready to give the world what they’ve been missing.

An intimate crowd gathered at Atlanta’s Means Street Studios Monday evening to preview five of SXO’s tracks including a remix of Kid Ink‘s “Show Me” and Chris Brown‘s “Loyal.”


“When I first came across the group, we wanted to build an identity for them that was different from the rest,” Simmonds said of SXO. “The music we come up with is very true to their lives and their experience breaking into the music industry.”

SXO recently had their first live performance in New York and are excited to share their new projects.

“We’re not trying to chase a trend,” Jaz, SXO’s rapper said.

Due to complications with previous management, the group, formerly known as the Yes Ma’ams, has completely revamped itself from the music to management.

“We want to be a household name,” JLa said.

Heavily influenced by Rihanna and the Spice Girls, the group describes their sound as a mixture of 90s house and urban pop.

“We talk about everything in our music,” Vii explained. “If you’re getting ready to go out, just broke up, whatever…we got you covered.”

With a very unique sound, Simmonds simply called SXO “the girls you love.”

Check out their newly released remix of “Loyal” below.

-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)