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Before you know the First Lady of Dreamchasers, get to know Lee Mazin as a whole lot of woman


Hip Hop puts females on a pedestal when it comes to their contributions to the game. Lee Mazin is no exception. Philly has produced one of the most unique females in the game and she’s just getting started. Not only has her name been tattooed into the minds of some of the best in the industry, but she’s also received one of the highest honors as the First Lady of Meek Mill‘s ever-growing label, The Dreamchasers.


She didn’t get the title by chance. Meek Mill saw the same hustle in her that he had himself during his come-up. With three mixtapes already under her belt and the official cosign from the MMG rapper, Lee Mazin has already hit the ground running with her goals in plain sight. She just released her new track “Blow” and is planning on dropping more music as the summer draws closer.

The Source got to sit down with the femcee and got to know her inspirations, how she knew Meek when he was battle-rapping on DVDs and where she plans to take the imprint that she has taken as her own. Read up and don’t forget the name of the amazin’ Lee Mazin.

The Source: You are the first lady of Dreamchasers. Since being brought on by Meek Mill over two years ago, how was your experience been with the crew?

Lee Mazin: It’s a great experience. We come from Philly so we all about grinding and dedication. But still me as an individual, I still want to focus on myself and tell my deal without saying I got it from anyone else. I still want to platform myself so that everyone knows Lee Mazin before they know Lee Mazin as the first lady of the Dreamchasers. But it’s a great feeling knowing that we all from Philly and most of the members are all from Philly as well. Rest in Peace To Lil Snupe. It’s a blessing.

How did you meet Meek? Tell us about that first encounter.

I knew Meek before I was doing music. I knew Meek back before when he had braids. But once I started doing music I kept running into him out of town like Atlanta, Jersey, Virginia and everywhere in between. He told me “Your grind it’s crazy like you remind me of me back when I was in DVD’s and rap battles.” So we linked up in Atlanta. It was his first tour. He did the “Dreams & Nightmares” tour and I went to that show and he was like “When we get back home, I got something for you”. It was three weeks to a month later we had Powerhouse, which is our big show of the year for Power 99. He was performing and he called me the days of and asked if I was going and I said yeah. Asked if I had backstage passes and I said yea. Then he said that he was gonna bring me out and telling Philly that I’m making you the first lady of Dreamchasers.

That’s a huge cosign.

Yea and I was shocked because I’m thinking he said he had a surprise. I thought we were going to do a track or something like that. I would have never expected for him to be starting a whole movement for him to make me the face of that movement in front of thousands of people in my hometown.

Now you’re making a name for yourself in the game. There are a select few female rappers. How do you feel you’ll impact the gam as a female and overall?

I think I bring something different to the table. I’m very versatile. I don’t just stick to one topic or one anything. I like to show all my talents, especially with music. Music is art and the way I paint my pictures is different than any female before me ever done it. I learned from all them before and I salute to all them. But its like okay it’s been awhile since there’s really been another female besides Nicki and I top my hat off to her because she held it down and she’s still doing her thing. She’s blown up into a big time superstar. But now the industry is like who’s next? I’m real excited because like you said I got my own swag, my own flow, and I know that I’m different than anything the industry has ever seen before.

What are your true inspirations? What keeps your grind going?

Definitely my mom but also I’m from Philly and we don’t see a lot there. A lot of what’s going on now especially with our youths is horrible, whether they are killing each other or other rowdy things. There’s a lot of people that fear for they’re lives in Philadelphia. A lot of people feel like they want to just get out of there. So I also want to give back to where I came from. So that’s one of my biggest inspirations. Also, being able to see different parts of the world. I really want to travel and you won’t know unless you see stuff. So a lot of people don’t know it’s so different, even from Philly to New York it’s different. I like to meet different people and I want the world to know who Lee Mazin is. I got my first piece of fame and I’m in love with it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

You dropped your latest mixtape In My Own Lane last year. What’s next? What do you have coming up?

Well right now I just got back in the studio recording consistently. Me and my team have just been on the road so much from the end of last year to now. We’ve been traveling between shows and networking and just getting my name more out there. We’ve been from L.A. to Miami, back and forth to Atlanta like every other week. So now I finally get to get back in the studio consistently. I’m really excited. I’ve got a lot that I want to record with some new stuff. Now I’m working on my new project, which I’m looking forward to drop around July. I just dropped a new record “Blow”. It’s the first one to hit iTunes for purchase. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback. I’m still not sure if I want to do another mixtape or do an EP. All this will come with the recording process.

Now that you’ve got your following, where are you planning to bring Dreamchasers? Obviously you want to bring up your team. Meek is doing work so how will you continue?

Well, I’m the first lady. One of my biggest goals with Dreamchasers is keeping Snupe alive. He’s still got a lot of fans and he got a lot of music that the fans have been waiting to hear. It just got to be put out the right way. Just keeping his name alive with his music. We all supposed to be working on a project because everybody got different sounds and different lanes and different things they talk about. It’s going to be a good year for Dreamchasers.

Tony Centeno (@_tonyMC)