Wu-ol dirty bastard, odb, wu tang, mtv, funnyTang‘s Ol’ Dirty Bastard has forever been a staple in the Hip Hop community, not only for his ferocious bars, but also for the fun-loving/clown of an individual he was. Though frequently misunderstood due to media portrayal, ODB’s friends and family will all tell you that he was a big softy once you broke through the layers and actually got to know him. With that being said, Dirty was the most free-spirited, hilarious man in Hip Hop and he lived to make others smile. He was real, he was honest and (the rarest quality of all) he didn’t care what anyone else thought.

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Let’s go back in time and revisit a few of the funniest clips from ODB’s endless catalog; the time he took a call on the MTV News couch, the time he picked up his food stamps in a limo, the time he realized Drew Barrymore was in ET and a few extra.


I could have filled this post with hundreds more, but these are easily the top 3 that have never failed to make me wet myself.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard will forever live on, through his timeless records, yes, but more-so for the type of person he was and the character he upheld. He was an inspiration to many who followed and inspired us to be true to who we are, no matter what other people think.

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