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They’ve been around for a while, but Rocawear is still at the forefront of urban fashion

Just over a week ago, a few members of The Source were invited to get a sneak peek of some of the newest pieces that are on track for late summer, fall release from one of Iconix‘s most widely known and respected brands, Jay Z‘s Rocawear clothing label. For years Rocawear was the hottest brand in the streets, from jeans and hooded sweatshirts to t-shirts and hats, Rocawear was ubiquitous along all avenues of pop culture. Where there was hip-hop, there was Rocawear.


Still, despite urban and high fashion cultures clashing in a major way over the past half-decade, Rocawear is still as fresh today as it always has been. We were literally shocked when we looked up at the wall and saw pieces from their new line, which will be out later this year, and everyone’s reaction was pretty much the same.

“If we showed you this somewhere else and told you this was Rocawear, would you believe us?”


Their new line mixes the cutting edge and witty themes that have been birthed by both new Jay Z music and the internet, and the sturdy, traditional, I’m-wearing-this-shirt-because-I-mean-business attitude that has been associated with both Roc-A-Fella, and subsequently, Rocawear, for so many years. From classic and new Jay Z quotes being tastefully plastered all over an off-white crewneck, to traditional Chanel type being tailored to fit one of the Notorious B.I.G.‘s most well-known lyrics, to leather actually being tastefully applied to every day streetwear, there’s something on the Rocawear horizon that will literally and figuratively fit every and anyone, for whatever lifestyle they’re entrenched in.

You can check out some of their new pieces–most of which aren’t available to the public yet–and get ready for this summer/fall’s biggest surprise from what you may have thought was the most unlikely source.