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Watch as we chop it up with the super-producer.

“I do all my interviews like this” DJ stated to his publicist, deciding not to put on his jacket & leaving on his white tee, completing the look with black leather pants & custom graffiti Timberlands.

Coming from someone who prefers comfort over style, that was completely fine with me.


At just 23 years old, DJ Mustard-who also goes by Dijon McFarlane– is 2014’s hip-hop super producer. With an abundance of upbeat, melodic tracks under his belt, most singles on the radio these days aren’t without his infamous tagline “Mustard on the beat, ho!” These days, however, the humble young man is just grateful for his own set.

“We had a lot of tours when we were opening up, and I didn’t have my own set, so this time i got my own….And we’re making live beats on stage, & we’re just having fun.”

Yesterday The Source sat down with the L.A. bred DJ as he prepared for the New York leg of him & YG‘s My Krazy Life Tour. We even got him to speak on his upcoming album, due out this Summer.

“I don’t wanna give away everything” Mustard said when asked about the features on the yet-untitled album. “The normals [will be on it], Ty Dolla $ign, YG, Nipsey [Hussle], TeeFLii, 2 Chainz.”

DJ Mustard has been extremely busy these days. So busy in fact, he hasn’t actually had a chance to hear some of the tracks that he’s produced. While finishing up his own project, he’s worked with superstar artists ranging from Kanye West to Justin Bieber, giving them beats & waiting for the finished product. “I still ain’t heard the full song” when asked about the Instagram clip Justin put up March 19th, previewing a track produced by him. “I haven’t heard the full song yet because he got the beat from a mutual friend, so I’m hearing as much as you guys are hearing,” he told us.

Hey Biebs, get on that.

All in all, the conversation with DJ Mustard was fairly enjoyable. We even got a chance to ask him what he’d be doing had he not become one of our favorite DJs-and no, it wasn’t opening a sandwich shop (though I’m 99.9% positive it would be a success).

Hear him talk about his collaborative tracks with Yeezy, the song he loved producing the most, and what he’d do if he had 24 hours to live above, & as always, stay tuned for more from The Source T.V..

-Kairi C. (@_findingforever)