jay rule

50’s going at everybody…again.

In the past two months, 50 Cent has gone on an interview rampage, going at everyone who he feels has wronged him, or didn’t have the stealth to keep up with him throughout his career, including, but not limited to: Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, The Game, Kanye West, Troy Ave, and now, Jay Z.

He isn’t “going at” Jay Z in this interview as much as he’s clarifying that, in hindsight, he wouldn’t have hesitated to take on Hov had Jay decided to come to Ja Rule‘s defense, whom 50 spent a large part of his early career trying to render irrelevant.


During a sit-down with Cosmic Kev, 50 Cent had this to say about what would’ve transpired had Hov come to Ja’s defense.

On “New York”, the record which prompted Fif to go at Fat Joe & Jadakiss, because they appeared on the record with Ja:

I liked the record, so I felt like it was going to fix what I was doing, so I had to get ‘em,” said 50. “Once we get away, and I’ve accomplish what I was after to begin with – [Ja] never got back in position and never became a threat to anything that I was doing – then I can reevaluate that and revisit those situations.

On Jay Z potentially coming to Ja’s defense:

He would have got it like everybody else. He stayed clear of that motherf**ker. Who you think Jay Z is?… There ain’t nobody that ain’t gonna get it at that point. They’re ain’t nobody within our culture that ain’t gonna get it. It was nothing personal.

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