Her Source got the chance to speak with Drea Kelly from VH1’s reality show Hollywood Exes.

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andreakellyToday, we at Her Source had the opportunity to chat with Andrea Kelly, one of the cast members from VH1’s Hollywood Exes. Drea Kelly, as some of you may know, is the ex-wife and former backup dancer of R&B singer R. Kelly. Since the split, Drea has moved on with her life, she is still a dancer, a choreographer, fashion designer, and actress. She chatted with us today about the upcoming season of Hollywood Exes.

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How do you feel about the premiere of Season 3 of Hollywood Exes?

Drea Kelly: I am super excited for this season because it is THE BEST SEASON YET! We are now three years in the game of the show. Season 1 you got to be introduced to us (the cast), season 2 you were able to put a name to the faces of the show and a little bit about us. And now Season 3, you will get to see the sisterhood of the show, the realness behind the women. This season is like therapy because you will see situations on the show that you would think how do you get through this? How do you move on? How life issues become resolved this season.

From the preview of the season I see you announce that you are finally engaged, tell me about it

Drea: GIRL YES! This season you will see Drea Remix! I am happy, I am in love with a wonderful man. It may sound cliche but it is true when people say stop looking for love and let it come to you. I knew after my first marriage, the things that I wanted in a man. I prayed to God to send me a man that fears God. A man that fears God would never cheat on me or lie to me because they would fear and crumble of the thought of what God will think.

Have your views on relationships changed from your last marriage to your engagement now?

Drea: Now days, men want to go to the club and spend a lot of money on bottles and show off how much money they make so that attracts the woman that is going to want you for your money. Women want the one in the club with money then get upset when other women are on him. So these days I think both women and men need to go back to the drawing board to take control of their relationships. Women want to rave that they are wifey to a man but they are not someone’s fiance. I am from a different era so I am no longer aggressive about what I want but more so assertive

Are you nervous to let the world in on your new relationship?

Drea: After being with R. Kelly, what can I do? I can not be nervous because people are filled with hate. People will find a reason to say something negative about anything. I can go and write a tweet that God is good and somehow someway, people will find something negative to say.

On the show, the girls question why you are not getting a pre-nup, what is your thought on that?

Drea: That honestly is none of their business. How I view pre-nups is of course you want to protect yourself but pre-nups hold up your marriage and it also holds up your divorce. If you have to argue about money or think about pre-nups, you should think twice about getting married in the first place.

This season, we are introduced to Shanna Moakler, how did she blend with you and the cast?

Drea: I LOVE HER! I call her Shanna from the southside. She does not start drama or start confrontation but if you bring it to her be prepared for her to bring it back to you worse than you dished it. She does not play.

On the show, the idea of interracial relationships comes up. What are your views on that?

Drea: Absolutely do not throw the race card. If you do not like a black man with a white woman and vice versa, do not comment. Especially if you have not educated yourself on this topic. I don’t know why she (Jessica) said that but all I have to say is what you put out be prepared for when it comes back on you and do not sit back and play the victim.

What should the viewers take away from Drea this season?

Drea: I want people to take away strength! Yes I cry, yes I am vulnerable with people but I decided to take my superwoman cap off. You will see Drea being who she truly is, making things happen; I am an open book. You will see my views on R. Kelly change and my love for my fiance!

You can watch Drea Kelly and the rest of the cast of Hollywood Exes this season starting May 7th only on VH1


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