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“Let him off the leash now it’s time to feast…”


When was the last time a rapper on the come up actually made music about what they did? To some of our older readers, that question could be answered with ease, but today’s era of hip-hop makes it a relatively tough question with limited options. But, by way of Meek Mill — one answer to that question– we have another; Omelly.

Omelly hails from Philadelphia and makes it known with his music. He’s next up with the upcoming release of his much anticipated mixtape titled, “Gunz And Butta.” Twin Limmaz’s rap style has major potential as an artist and he’s definitely on his way to maximizing it. Fortunately, we were able to link with Omelly in The Batcave in Philly — a pretty well know spot where many classics were created. But check what he has to say below.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Omelly. From Philly. Dreamchaser’s records, MMG.

Ok nice. Tell us how you took the rhyming from a hobby to a profession.

I always played around with it. We’d sit around and – was always in the studio with Meek every day. You know how that goes. We’d play around with it on the way to the studio and on the way back. Floatin’, beats playing and we’d just be going crazy, you know. But Meek, he been told me, “[that] if you’re gonna do it, do it.” But I was always caught up in the streets. I had responsibilities. And I had never really thought, like, I could get rich off of rap. I never really had rap dreams. I just played with it – just me and my [crew]. It’s just what they do, they all spit.

Cool. How far do you and Meek go back?

That’s my first cousin. So we go way back, like babies. Way back – it’s nothing new.
Ok. So what’s your track record? Musically, what’s already in the books and what’s to come?
I dropped that Panamera, I did one on Self Made 3, “The Plug,” I went in on that jawn — Me, Meek, and Torch. I also did “Ride Like This” that did something. I’m not doin’ this for fun, too. When someone sees me, don’t think I’m just gonna do a track. I’m here to make moves. Whatever they do on their own time, that’s just what they do. I was out there grindin’ every day. That’s all I know: grind. I don’t want no handouts, I’m trying to open up lanes so my people can eat.

How was the signing process? How did you achieve your “Self Made” status?

Just being real. Ross is the Big Homie. He ain’t just a guy that runs a rap label. Like, I can go to his crib right now. It’s not just talk.

Ok! So what do you have coming up?

I’m just working on my mixtape right now – I’m just in here going so hard, man. I’ve been in the studio going on 48hrs. I don’t even be outside no more; just the studio. Like, I used to be sleeping in cars waiting for my phone to ring. Then, get to where I had to go. Now I’m sleeping in the studio, waking up going to the booth, checking my email to see what’s out there for me. I’m just doing the ground work – everything I gotta do. I’ve been with Meek since day 1, so I know the game. So I’m just gonna open this lane up so we can do what we gotta do. As a team.
It’s basically streets. Where I come from. I don’t write raps. I just go in [the booth], smoke my weed, and go in. I do my own work, my own rhymes. On DC3 I said, “Bars so fire [they] think Meek wrote this.” Just to clear the air, it’s all me.

I keep a Omelly by my side because we both alike
Try and keep that n***a out the field cuz he be throwin’ white
Dishin’ D, tryna get rich as me

~Meek Mill, “Young Kings”

-Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)