BlatcheGame five is often a pivotal game in an NBA playoff series and with the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors tied at two games a piece, it was especially huge tonight.

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The Toronto Raptors were dominating the game, going up by as many as 26-points and appearing to cruise to an easy victory until late in the fourth quarter when Joe Johnson caught fire.  Johnson hit several threes including one to tie the game with three minutes left.  The Raptors came back swinging however with the help of Kyle Lowry who finished with 36 points and six assists.

With the Nets down three, Andray Blatche was sent to the line.  He hit the first freethrow then missed the second.  He was able to grab the offensive rebound then made the dumbest move ever.  Instead of taking the shot, he chose to try and pass it to Deron Williams.  That wasn’t a terrible idea since D Will was open except Blatche threw it way over Deron and into the backcourt causing a turnover and giving the Raptors the win.  The Raptors now lead the series 3-2.


– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

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