game tip

Good thing that’s all it was.

TMZ‘s everywhere these days. If they’re not acquiring game-changing audio from vengeful girlfriends that eventually dismantle the ownership of a whole NBA team, they’re in the streets of Los Angeles, capturing pretty intense interaction between superstar rappers The Game and T.I.

According to their report, “mutual acquaintances” of both T.I. & Game were denied entrance into popular nightclub spot, The Supperclub, and a fight ensued involving said acquaintances and members of security. The fight turned bloody quickly, as the two most agitating acquaintances were beaten up pretty bad by intolerant members of security shortly before the cops arrived.

Word made its way to T.I. & Game inside the club of what was going on outside, but they mistakenly believed the cops were the ones responsible for the physical damage done to their associates. The standoff that ensued was pretty intense, as you can clearly see both T.I. & Game becoming quickly irate and vocal to both members of the L.A.P.D. and their acquaintances in an attempt to keep the situation under control. Both rappers were smart enough to not allow the situation escalate, but you can watch clear footage of the standoff above.