artworks-000078051026-hvsln0-crop30 Days of Guice, #done.

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Throughout these past 30 days of what has been a less than mild April, Wil Guice has showered us with song after song and song again. As promised, the extremely talented Ohio singer/songwriter released a brand new song everyday starting from April 1 up until this point. And so as we prepare to turn the calendar, today not only marks the end of the month but also the completion of a successful feat in music; 30 songs in 30 days. So far no claims have been made of anyone ever accomplishing the task so put this one in the books.  Just call it 30 Days of Guice. He ends the 30 song marathon the same way he started it, with a track produced by Djay Cas. This one is called “Keys To The City.” Check it out here and stay tuned for more music from Wil Guice coming later this spring and summer.

Mario López (@M5Motie)


Click below to listen to all 30 songs.