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They just wanna party.

YG‘s rise to one of the most prominent names in west coast rap–and rap in general–over the past year hasn’t come with bumps in the road, namely, problems with Problem (pun un-intended, as hard as that is to believe) and Tyga. They accused YG of taking a pre-existing sound and trying to make it seem like they originated it–which is weird considering DJ Mustard‘s first real hit was with Tyga (“Rack City”) but he’d been releasing music with YG years prior to that–and YG & Mustard continually denounced the accusations.


After a few weeks of speculation, and the release of YG’s critically-acclaimed debut album, Problem finally put the “beef” to rest, claiming he has no issue with YG and even offers some praise for My Krazy Life. Head over to the 6-minute mark for the YG conversation, or watch the full interview above.