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5/30/14 UPDATE: Now we get the visuals to the “Blur” single. Relax video editors, it’s supposed to be tough to see all of the details.

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There once was a group called The Niceguys. Composed of Free, Easy Yves Saint, Christolph, and DJ Candlestick, the four met in Houston, put out a handful of quality projects, and then went their separate ways since their last project, James Kelley. At least they haven’t stopped performing as The Niceguys. They’ve also kept busy, individually. The emcee of the group, Yves, has been prepping a series of EPs, three to be exact, for this year and today we’re proud to premiere the first one titled Sincerely, Yves. Featuring a few beats from Free and James Kelley himself, the new EP is a good introduction for the unacquainted to the experimental nature, drinking habits, and no filter personality of the Queens native. Along with the premiere above, we asked Yves a few questions about his wild nights drinking dark liquors, acting in the movie Juice, and much more. And to be fair, we conducted the interview long before the NBA Playoffs began so excuse his answer to that question. Then again, I have a feeling he’d give the same answer today. #KnicksTape

You can purchase the EP on iTunes HERE.

Why go the multi EP route instead of one LP? What is the aim for these EP’s?

There is a lot I want to do musically and artistically. I experimented with a lot of different sounds and cohesive presentation became less and less realistic the further I got into my own head. In short I went the multi EP route because it would make me, Yves, more musically digestible…and my manager said so.

In a series of life lessons, “Yves” sounds like a recap of what you’ve been up to since your last project. Do you care to share what you’ve been up to in more explicit detail?

Yves is everything and nothing at the same time. It’s the beginning of the whole picture. It’s nothing because you may never get the whole picture. As far as what I’ve been up to let’s say UP TO my neck in bullsh*t but also UP TO the task.

If you were cast in the movie Juice, what character do you think you could best portray?

I could portray Bishop the best. I get him. I understand Bishop. There is freedom in not giving a f*ck. I remember the feeling well. Having a conscious is tough. Bishop is electric. I’d make him more lovable. I’d make him smarter, wittier and more dynamic. And way better with women. And dress better.

But I guess Bishop was Bishop because he didn’t care about those things. Raheem cared but he was soft. Let’s skip this question… They’d have to add another character.

Have you taken it easy on the Henny since recording this EP? Any crazy nights that you may have remembered or were told by someone else since you blacked out that you can share? Or just more blurs?

Hennessy, as well as other like spirits, is here to stay, jack. I have lots of stories. I’ve explored new women. I’m exploring monogamy again. I’m enjoying women in twos. I’m enjoying life period. The craziest night I can remember off head involved a girl praying angrily in Arabic because she was kissing me way too hard and I wouldn’t f*ck her because I was scared it would hurt. She was also way too into me. “As if.” Can you imagine her post boot-knocking behavior?

You gave Bad Boys a shoutout on “Payow.” How do you feel about Diddy coming out with another album, MMM?

Puffy is perfect.

There are a lot of basketball references throughout. Who do you have winning it all in the playoffs?

The Knicks.

Did “Elevators” help you keep the girl you were having a tough time with? If not, does it make it harder to perform songs like that at shows?

It’s really about all relationships. I made songs specifically about a woman in the past and it gave her too much power. It’s not hard at all. If I’m talking about it then I’m fine for the most part. There have been exceptions though. It actually affects them more because they always wonder, “Is he talking about me?” I can always answer yes and no depending on what suits me best at the time.

You have a lot of sounds on this first EP. Is it more to showcase your versatility or is it more sharing the eclectic musical tastes that you have?

I don’t do it on purpose. I am versatile and the more honest I become sonically then the more it will show. It’s more of the musical taste thing.

Are there any plans for another Niceguys project? I pray there are…

Yeah, The Niceguys are my bros. We are working on ourselves right now. In the near future we are probably gonna drink and smoke out Avant Garden. More Nice Shorts are called for. As for music, that will come after we get off our individual, artistic solo nuts.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)