mickjenkinsChicago Emcee Breaks Down Mixtape’s Concept, Friendship With Chance The Rapper

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As always, there’s a lot of fuss being made about Hip-Hop’s freshman class this time of year, and Mick Jenkins is an artist whose steady stream of good tunes and consistently cultivated word-of-mouth following is set to put him in that conversation.


Mick had another conversation, this time with Erika Martinez of Billboard Magazine’s The Juice column. They chopped it up about his new mixtape, The Water[s], his bond with fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper, and debuted his mixtape’s first single “Who Else”.

Waters is almost a prequel to Trees,” Jenkins said of the relationship his new project has to his last mixtape offering, Trees & Truths. “Water is synonymous with the truth; You need it to wake up, progress and get the most out of life and find the true quality of happiness. Me [and] people in general have false ideas of what makes you happy and what it means to be successful. To say water is synonymous with the truth is really broad and I take advantage of that. I talk about a lot of different things, but I try to stay centered with coined phrases [of] water. I use all the double meanings of water and expand on them.”

Mick went on to detail his friendship with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa, both of whom  have made a big splash nationwide in recent months. “I go to them for advice and I learn from their progression,” he disclosed about the duo who he has collaborated with before, on a joint entitled “Crossroads.”

With The Water[s] set to make impact on June 24th, Mick made sure to premiere the mixtape’s first offering “Who Else”: an aggressive, bombastic record displaying a brash delivery that is sure to grab even more attention.

Listen below.

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