young scooter

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Atlanta is flooded with up and coming hip-hop talent. Among the pack of hungry wolves is the 28-year old Young Scooter and fellow ATL artist Young Thug.

On this new track, Scooter and Thug give an ode to illegal substances. The self-proclaimed “Count Money” MC,  Scooter raps:


I don’t know nothing ’bout love/But, I mastermind these drugs/I own my own drug hood/If I ain’t getting paid then I don’t go to clubs/Crime Juug keep that money up/I f*** with Mike Will, but with Molly I’m in love

Thug holds down the second verse with his signature squeaky voice, while Scooter provides his always catchy hooks.  “Drug’s,” will be featured on DJ Swamp Izzo’s VVS 4 mix-tape, will have club goers moving their heads while sipping, smoking or popping something.

Listen to the track and let us know what you think.

Darryl Robertson (darryl_robertson)