Juelz Santana

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Juelz Santana, well…clearly, he mad.  (Cam’ron voice).

Rap’s always got this “East Coast vs. West Coast, North vs. South,” kinda thing going on, but the long-standing riff between Juelz Santana and his former Dipset/Roc-A-Fella label mates S.A.S. still stands, spanning years–and continents.


S.A.S (Streets All Salute), is composed of two blood brothers, Mayhem and Mega, founders of the UK rap movement Eurogang.  The London duo moved to New York, where they where noticed by Memph Bleek, who eventually introduced the brothers to Cam’ron.  Cam put them down with the Diplomats, and eventually, Dame Dash signed them to Roc-A-Fella.  When Roc-A-Fella was acquired by Universal, the hip hop heavy hitters (Jay Z, Kanye West, Dame, and Cam) all went their separate ways, with S.A.S. opting to stick with Cam & the Dipset fellas.

However, somewhere along the line, things went sour.

The years old feud between S.A.S. and Santana was reignited today, when a mutual friend posted a “Throwback Thursday” pic of Juelz, S.A.S., and a few other friends.  Santana instantly took to the comments to write unnecessary obscenities, and the London boys clapped back quickly.

We’ve got the screen shots below.




Juelz Santana, S.A.S., beef


The Source managed to reach out to Mayhem of S.A.S. to get the back story on the comments; he sent an email explaining the following:

It’s a really long story, but basically, Dipset (Cam, Jimmy, Juelz and JR) were suppose to do a show in London in ’04 and didn’t show.  The promoters are known to be influential street ni**as from South London, and obviously wasn’t happy so over the next year, Mega and I heard whispers in the London streets that they was gonna take action.

Being that that’s our city, the first thing we did when we came to NYC in ’06 was confront the acting manager at the time (Big Joe) about the 40k (pound sterling £) that was taken.  We almost had an altercation over it right in the middle of Juelz’s Nike Shoot at Baseline studios.  The heated argument was broken up and we were told the issue would be resolved.  Nothing else was spoken about it; not a word.  The reason we were so angry about it was because we were worried about their safety in London, over the money that was taken.

Fast forward to 2008, Juelz gets a call to do a European tour.  Again, we were heated, because we felt as if Juelz could have gotten us a paying slot on that tour, but the European promoter wouldn’t budge cause we were British.  Being it was their first European tour, we paid for our own flights home, then paid for our own flights to meet the entourage in Amsterdam, which was the first stop.

Due to dozens of people chanting “S.A.S” in the crowd, the promoter quickly changed his mind, and start offering us pennies to open up, which we did just for promo, but trust, we’re still irritated.

When we got to London, we came back earlier from Norway, because, again, we paid for our own flights.  We got ready, then went to the Hilton in West London to meet the entourage with like 10 of our people from the city; then 10 more turned up. Soon as we get upstairs, I get a phone call saying there’s 50 to 60 people outside the hotel, and they’ve come for Juelz about the ’04 concert he didn’t do.  Mega and I were the only two to go downstairs and confront them.  The main promoters get into an argument with us in the lobby cause they were pissed we were actually getting involved, feeling like we should have been angry too, like our city was taken for a joke.  Still, Juelz being like family, we definitely were not trying to see anything happen to him or anyone else we were with that night.

We convince one of the main promoters to go upstairs to sort it out quietly with Twin (Juelz’s brother/manager) and they don’t come to any agreements.  It was basically left as “Okay, we’ll see what happens next.”

Mega and I go back downstairs to monitor what’s happening.  Police are everywhere.  This process took hours…meanwhile, the entourage stayed in the rooms upstairs.

Eventually, we try and get Juelz and the entourage out the hotel.  The crowd, along with police, approach the hotel entrance.  It’s nothing too serious, just the crowd shouting taunts, and police trying to get in between.  Juelz and the entourage go back in the lobby after Black – A – Don has an exchange with one of the promoters amongst the madness.

I go in the lobby twice after that to check and make sure everyone is good, then go back out.  We see Juelz and his entourage leave with a convoy of police out the side of the building.  I was slightly shocked he left us without saying he was going, but we were cool ’cause although we were defending Juelz, we’re from London and knew some of the goons or had people there that knew some, so Juelz’s safety was our main priority; we were good.

The crowd starts to disperse, along with police, so we go back in the hotel, grab our bags and go home.  We were calling Juelz’s phone, thinking he was at the airport or something and don’t hear anything until the next day.

We get a phone call from someone saying the promoters caught up with the entourage in traffic after the police left them, and somehow got a lawyer to come out in the morning for Juelz to sign a contract to do three free shows.  (We weren’t  there so I can’t quote this as 100% truth.)  It only coincided as the truth to us because we get a call from one of Juelz’s entourage, and they were with some of the goons that we actually kinda knew personally.  Now, they’re talking trash together, saying I should give the London goons my Dipset chain, which of course, I refused and hung up the phone.

The next thing we saw a day or two later is footage of them together, drinking and dissing us, saying we ain’t real, we left them, and these London goons are now their new London connects.

We go back and forth on Worldstar for a few months, not because we’re into all that with people we actually know, but because Juelz wouldn’t talk on the phone, and people were starting believe this crazy story of his, so we told the truth and really didn’t go too hard on him cause he’s someone we really had time for and respected a lot.  Plus, this wasn’t a situation for a public forum.  We don’t move like that, but eventually the situation had to be addressed. Around the same time, the London goons fall out with him, and ban him from London and the rest of UK.

That was over five years ago; today, our mutual friend Coogi from St. Nick throws up a #TBT of us, Juelz, and Boogz Boogetz.  Then we see this guy in the comments saying “F*ck them London Boiz, they go no luv.”  We had to retaliate, because at this point, ALL respect is lost for that kid.

Well, damn!  Can’t we all just get along?