Madden 25The Source Magazine and EA Sports have something in common!

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Okay time’s up!


The Source Magazine and Madden are BOTH celebrating 25 years of existence.

Madden commemorated their 25 year anniversary this football season by featuring the Connected Franchise and bringing back the owner mode on their Madden 25 game. The Source Magazine is celebrating their silver anniversary with Source 360, which you’ll hear more about in the coming months.

By the way, for you football junkies who watched the NFL Draft last night, EA Sports added first round picks from last nights draft to Madden NFL 25. So if you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, you’ll be able to run and gun with Johnny Manziel and get those pick sixes with new Jets safety Calvin Pryor.

25 years of a brand is nothing to sneeze at and it shows that you as the consumer trust the product and content delivered annually. In The Source’s case, daily. Shoutout to you, the readers for keeping our daily content numbers high. 

Switching back to football, with the NFL Draft being the talk of the town, The Source Sports caught up with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Madden developer Dave Swanson, and Andrew Anthony, the voice of the Madden gods to discuss the 25 year legacy of Madden football.

But enough from us. Let the important folks do the talking.