Dr. Dre CharityIt was just a matter of time, but it has come way quicker than expected. With the official acquisition of Beats By Dre by Apple Inc. just being announced, Dr. Dre has become the first hip hop mogul to break the illustrious Billion dollar mark. Reportedly the House that Steve Jobs built have brought the mega headphone company for $3.2 Billion, which officially cements Dre as the richest man in the rap game. From Compton to every Penthouse.

In the video below, Dre is seen celebrating the announcement with his close friend Tyrese. Everyone in the room seem justifiably excited and a little tipsy (way too many Heinekens were consumed). Congratulations to the Doc, we look forward to seeing what he is up to next. Get ready for the Forbes list to undergo a remarkable change.


Jimi (@Nativejimi)