Major Labels Love Selling Blow?

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Since the release of his in your face (pun intended) black and white music video “Brick In Yo Face” – more commonly known on the internet as “the video with the crazy white boy with the AK tattoo on his face, yelling ” I LOVE SELLING BLOW”- 18 year old (his age has come under some scrutiny as well) Stitches, of Miami Florida has become pretty damn famous on the internet.

Capitalizing on that momentum he has released his newest video for “Mail”, this time in full color, but don’t worry the army guns are still on deck.The song may lack the in your face insanity of “Brick” , but the production on the new track “Mail” is definitely an improvement from the beat that sounded like a 12 yr old using Garage Band for the first time.


Whatever he’s doing it’s working, besides “brick”‘s over a half a million Youtube views the video for “Mail” already has 6 million plus views on WSHH, now we realize that if you have a shred of common sense you know that the numbers on there aren’t exactly accurate,but  they do give some sense of a viral clip’s reach, for context BIG K.R.I.T’s exceptional new video for “Mt. Olympus” also has 6 million views.

You can also listen to his new mixtape which both songs appear on HERE

What’s crazy is that it seems that Lilo’s Homie is already being courted by some of the biggest players in the music business.  Per his Instagram

Stitches Bidding War Video Mail Rapper Viral











This image of  Stitches at what seems to be one of UMG’s Offices was posted thursday with the captions “meeting meetings meetings”

Stitches Bidding War Video Mail Rapper Viral Larry Jackson Interscope











This picture from wednesday (5/7) shows him meeting with Interscope’s Larry Jackson, the same man who popped up recently on IG with Chief Keef & Kanye West.

Crazy to think that in 2014 t this is where some of the major labels (we’d also guess there’s others hes not IG’d yet) are at.  Interscope’s signing of the -obviously controversial for artistic reasons, but nonetheless way too hot and talked about to not be signed- Chief Keef was met with lot’s of criticism, imagine what the signing of Stitches would bring to whatever label decides to sign the upstart.  The move seems almost unprecedented, Wait… maybe creating attention even if it’s for the wrong reasons is the labels whole plan nowadays.

We’ll definitely keep you posted on the latest from the next Jay Z.


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