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It was fun to think about.

Dr. Dre flipped the hip-hop and business worlds on their heads this week, as he announced Apple was buying Beats Audio for 3.2 billion dollars. Although his stake in the company was only 25%, considering he shared ownership with his label head Jimmy Iovine, among others, everyone pretty much believed his cut would be enough to put him over that coveted billion mark–a mark Diddy was slated to reach first, considering prior to news of the Apple acquisition, Puff was 150 million dollars ahead of Dre in the race.


A few days later, now that the hype and hoopla has died down, the financial experts at Forbes have professionally examined the situation, and it turns out Dr. Dre won’t be what everyone, especially him, wants him to be.

Forbes has calculated that the estimated final worth of Dr. Dre will be $800 million after the Apple acquisition, which places him dangerously close to that billion mark, but not quite. After taxes, it appears his take will be roughly 480 million, and couple with his current worth, he’ll fall about 200 million short of that coveted mark.

He’ll certainly leapfrog Puff, though.