50 a

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All of Dre’s friends are catching checks these days.

Earlier this year, 50 Cent revealed that he had cut ties with Interscope Records, for reasons related to them “becoming Beats Records”, and cut a new deal with an indie label, Caroline, on which he’d be releasing his new album, Animal Ambition, on June 3rd.


While the financial details of the severance weren’t revealed, 50 Cent gave an insight to them when he sat down with Canada’s Business News Network for about ten minutes. Apparently, Fif was bought out of his contract for roughly $23 million, which gave Interscope the right to continue to sell the music he made while he was under a contract with them.

Here’s a direct quote from Curtis’ interview:

I was paid. And then everything was comfortably—we resumed back to making music. Then, what I was getting out of the response to the actual music made me feel like I lost that camaraderie we had at one point. Not in touch with the audience but within the actual system itself because Interscope’s priorities shifted. They created Beats Audio. And Beats was the priority of things over there and I had already committed to my own audio company, SMS Audio. It was like I’m the competing company while actually being signed to the company as an artist. I couldn’t get the leverage I needed to properly launch the project. I went another route. I went the Eminem route.

You can watch the full interview below.

Shouts to HipHopDX for pulling the text.