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The Queen’s-bred emcee is back. Guard your bars!


While the Hip-Hop world went crazy upon receiving De La Soul‘s entire discography for free this past Valentine’s day, who knew that their following wave of new music (accompanied by J Dilla) would issue the return of veteran Consequence in the form of a remix. The original title is Vocabulary Spills, the the lead off release from De La Soul’s “Smell The D.A.I.S.Y.” tape.


Thankfully, we were able to catch up to Cons. When asked about the remix, he mentioned “It’s crazy because I’ve literally known [De La] since I was a kid… It was only right.”

Consequence’s remix adds his twist to De La Soul’s “bizness.” The difference: Dilla. Each respectful artist represents heavy. Check it out below:

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In addition to the historic collaboration, we also spoke with Cons about his next project, slated to release at the end of the summer. As far as it’s title, he’s “battlting between two or three possible names.”

In addition, Consequence elaborated his latest drop, Bottle Girls saying, “it’s like a ‘How to Rob’ by 50 cent, but it applies to female bartenders. It’s like ‘How to Rob’ meets Biggie’s ‘Just Playin’ (Dreams)’ and it’s geared toward the Instagram/model girls.”


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The track provides in house production from Cons. It also features Company of Greatness (more to look out for).

In addition to the new music scheduled for the year, we had to inquire about Reality TV. To which Consequence replied, “Well, right now I’m doing music. Jen and I have been approached by ‘Couple’s Therapy,’ actually, and a few others though.” Cons later described his difference between his music fans and TV fans, expressing [that], “the album will be more of the Consequence that my fans love. TV includes fans, but [compared] to the music – they’re both loyal, but it’s a different kind of loyal. It’s cool to have both.”

-Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)