This week’s edition of HH101 deals with the dangers of the hood’s silent killer; hypertension
By Knowledge Said Allah

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Now wait a minute, hold up. I know the title is out there, but I really want you to ponder on the idea or the conceptualization of what hypertension is and what a Vampire is; so let us think on that for a moment. Okay, got that in your mind, good. We all know that hypertension refers to blood pressure. When we’re talking about blood-pressure, we are speaking about the measurement of the tension against the walls of the arteries as your heart pumps blood throughout the body. How is the measurement used in order to say whether or not your blood pressure is high or low? Generally speaking, 120/80 and anything below that is normal. The first number in 120/80 is called systolic, which refers to the rhythm or the phase of the heartbeat when the heart muscles contract or pump blood from the chambers to the arteries while the second number is called diastolic, which refers to the phase or rhythm of the heartbeat when the heart muscles relax and allow blood to fill into the chambers. 140/80 means you definitely have high blood pressure/hypertension.

I hated to sound technical and all, but it had to be done right because we have to get a clear-cut, concise definition of what hypertension is. Let’s think back the title; Hypertension or Vampirism. Well, a vampire is a creature that feeds off the life force of another to sustain its own life and when you think about it, hypertension is doing the exact same thing. So let’s look at the cause of hypertension and too put it quite frankly and keeping it very plain, IT’S YOU. That’s right. We are the cause of hypertension. 98% of all physiological problems and disease states in the body are caused by ourselves.


Improper nutrition causes the body to be out of balance. Improper nutrition starves the body. If the body is starving, the body is dying. So in order to compensate for this, the body must resort to stealing resources from different organs and systems, i.e. the blood.

With malnutrition, the body naturally will need more food, so subsequently, the body begins to pump more blood to increase pressure so it could get more nutrients out of the blood, except the blood is filled with toxins and impurities and is malnourished. This creates this insatiable appetite which will never be fulfilled due to the insalubrious dietary practices of the person. In other words, the increase in blood pressure does nothing to nourish the human body, but only continues to create problems.

Contrary to popular belief, Africans, people of African descent or black people are only prone to hypertension or high blood pressure because we are eating a diet that is foreign to us. The diet that we are currently eating is European, Westernized and totally devoid of real life and proper nutrition which assimilates into the black body apparatus. In order to bypass these issues, one must begin to eat foods that resonate and vibrate with us. That means eating foods that are primarily plant-based. A vegan or vegetarian diet is the best diet that a person of African descent or black can eat. This means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and some grains. Also, lots of water, plenty of rest, sunshine and laughter.

It’s important to clean the blood on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to do that is to drink water, preferably alkaline water, or the next best thing which is spring water. Water is considered a food because it nourishes the body and helps sustain it to live. Hypertension again can be curtailed by drinking more water or increasing your water intake, but to effectively eradicate high blood pressure/hypertension, one needs to eat whole foods. Whole foods are foods that are complete–not the junk food, manufactured canned foods or fast foods that we find in the street.

Foods that are good for hypertension are pretty much all fruits and veggies especially those that are naturally purple, red, and orange. Watermelon, avocados, eggplants, tomatoes, broccoli, cantaloupes, kumquats and green leafy vegetables.

Herbs like rosemary, blackseed, Hawthorne berry are great for high blood pressure. In conclusion, whether you say hypertension, high blood pressure or vampirism, whichever way you go with it, the responsibility is in your hands. You are your own healer and you are greater than you can ever imagine. Let’s get it back to the old African tradition of having a healer (herbalist) in every home and put the responsibility of our own health back on us and not the doctor.

By Knowledge Said Allah. Knowledge is a certified Iridologist, African Traditional Herbalist, Nutritional Scientist/Healer and owner of Supreme Wellness. He can be reached at www.supremewellness.wordpress.com
Email: supreme_wellness@yahoo.com

-Knowledge Said Allah(@SUPRMWellness)